Artisans of Barossa | 'Grenache Project' 2021 Masterclass

From AUD $75.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Tanunda, South Australia
  • Product code: GRENPRJ21

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Barossa wine with our exclusive Grenache Project Masterclass at Artisans of Barossa. Prepare to be captivated by the unique influence of winemakers and the impact of origin on the character and flavour of these exceptional wines. Enjoy a seated masterclass led by one of our experienced Wine Room hosts in the intimate and private Artisan’s Room. Delve into the acclaimed ‘Grenache Project’ as you sample the six wines from the 2021 release. The room offers stunning views of the rolling Barossa Ranges and vineyards, creating a picturesque backdrop for your tasting. The masterclass lasts 1.5 hours, allowing ample time to savour each wine and explore their intricate complexities. The Artisan’s Room is wheelchair accessible and offers customizable music and air-conditioning levels, ensuring your comfort throughout the experience. The ‘Grenache Project’ represents a collaborative effort by our winemakers to showcase the diverse expressions of Barossa wine from a single varietal. Each year, the vineyard location changes, providing a fascinating terroir exploration. This endeavour has garnered acclaim from some of Australia’s most esteemed wine commentators, and each new release is highly anticipated. After the masterclass, please take a moment to unwind in our Delikatessen, our casual wine bar café, or find a spot on our lawn to bask in the panoramic views of the Barossa Valley. Our accessible, modern building is conveniently situated in the heart of the region, making it the perfect location to continue your exploration of the local wine scene. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to deepen your appreciation for Barossa wines. Reserve your spot today and prepare for an enlightening and memorable Grenache Project Masterclass at Artisans of Barossa.

About the ‘Grenache Project’:

This collaborative effort brings our winemakers together to explore the possibilities of Barossa wine expression from a single varietal. Since 2017 Artisans of Barossa has presented six wines, made by six winemakers, from one Barossa vineyard in an experiment designed to explore the influence of winemaking on the terroir of a single Barossa Grenache vineyard. Each year, the vineyard has moved to a different grower in another sub-region of Barossa. 

The Project has received acclaim from some of Australia’s most respected wine commentators, and each new release is eagerly anticipated.

“The Artisans of Barossa Grenache Project offers a superb insight into how different winemaking techniques can radically alter the style and profile of Grenache. Picking times, use of stalks and oak regimes are just some of the key decisions that winemakers make in every vintage with the resulting wines here ranging from traditionally bold Barossans to more modern and ethereal wines. For the Artisans Grenache Project, a different vineyard is chosen every year, and in 2021 it was the Rosenzweig Vineyard in the small Light Pass district, purchased by James Rosenzweig in 1996, with vines going back to 1969 plantings.”

Angus Hughson, Wine Pilot. Full review: here 

“If you love Grenache, you’ll be thrilled to explore what these six winemakers bring to the table. If you love wine, this is one incredibly unique Project that delves into the prospect of the same fruit being handled differently to demonstrate what thoughtful and considered winemaking can deliver. In short, each winemaker was given one tonne of Grenache from the Rozenweig Vineyard to produce their own interpretation.” 

Steve Leszczynski, Q Wine. Full review here: here